Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Raised by animals

In our home there are 2 adult humans.
2 dogs. 5 cats. 1 frog. 1 almost 2 year old boy.
(the "boy" part is relevant)

Yesterday my spousal unit was watering the plants in the yard and she had the hose just running water into the flower bed. I notice the dogs going over and drinking out of the puddle that was forming from the hose. Now, these dogs have NUMEROUS places to drink from, not excluding their WATER BOWLS, but apparently water in a flower bed is much more thirst quenching and I am not going to try and stop them as long as they don't trample the flowers. (which they have done in one flower bed already)
A moment later I notice our son, laying on his belly, with his head in the flower bed. What is he doing I wonder? Why. DRINKING of course?!

It's not like he doesn't have cups, and bottled water and all kinds of access to liquid - let alone drinking right out of the hose as he has taught himself to do recently. Our son has been raised by animals.

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Ranavan said...

ah ha ha..I hope you got a picture of that hey! They just figure hey if it is good for the pets it must be good for me too!