Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: eating

I know I am a day late, for some reason last night I could not get internet connection, so here is my thursday thirteen intallation for this week, combined with the topic of food for nablopomo.

13 Places I love to eat - and why.

1. Ogden Pizzeria, Ogden Utah - the best pizza ever
2. Burrito Grande, Ogden Utah - I think I have said a lot about mexican food already...
3. Mongolian Grill, Ogden Utah - they made awesome food, it wasn't a chain, and they let us bring our own Oyster sauce from home to put on our food.
4. Natalies, Salt Lake City Utah - they had very good looking wait staff.
5. Olive Garden, anywhere - all you can eat soup and breadsticks. pasta fagioli. You are what you eat and I'm a big ol fagioli.
6. Orange Julius. Pina Colada Julius.
7. Chick Fil A. Now I haven't eaten at chick fil a for over 5 years, but they used to make GOOOD lemonade.
8. El Pollo Loco. The original pollo bowl , with tortillas.
9. In n Out burger.
10 . A Thai restaurant in Singapore whose name I need to ask my mother. Mango Sticky Rice. YUM
11.Disneyland, California. Churros. There may be better Churros somewhere, but the only place I have had them was at Disneyland and they ROCK.
12. Home. There is nothing better than the tacos my spouse makes. delicioso. She's also a pretty good cook, with the exception of garlic bread.
13. Fire Pit. An extension of "home" but hot dogs on a stick are a staple. I think Fire adds an element of fun to any experience, cooking not excluded.

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