Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ten on tuesday: ten memorable vacation moments

Ten Memorable Vacation Moments
1. Photos at Lake Louise - so far we have done it three times, the last time with our baby M.
2. On the beach in Southern California with Mukiwa and my spouse.
3. My spouse and I went to Colorado to go camping. When we got there my spouse got incredibly sick and we had to return asap.
4. When we moved to Canada we drove a U-haul and my spouse, me, and our two dogs rode in the cab of the truck. We had to sedate one of our dogs who suffers from anxiety, and it wasn't really a "vacation" but it was a fun trip and we played "eye spy" for many hours. There are lots of brown things in Montana.
5. Driving with my family to a family reunion in Colorado, we were driving through the night and all singing at the top of our lungs to "Lion Sleeps Tonight". My younger brother Justin has a wicked falsetto.
6. I think it was the same vacation, but in Yellowstone, my other brother got violently motion sick. (It runs in the family.) We stopped at all all night store and my dad went into look for "gravol". Gravol is a Canadian product which one takes for motion sickness. They don't have it in the USA. The man in the store was very confused my my dad's accent and his request. He thought my dad was looking for "gravel" and told him that they didn't carry gravel, but that they did have kitty litter. My poor dad was equally confused. He thought the guy was offering him something to sop up the puke.
7. Upstate New York, getting inseminated at a hotel. Our first attempt at insemination. Quite humorous.
8. Road tripping to Reno, Nevada. We went on a lot of trips with our puppy Muki. She was a great traveller. We visited a wedding chapel in Reno.
9. Driving to Banff to see friends visiting from the USA. They brought us Chorizo, we drove with a baby who HATES to travel, and we drove in peak hotel season without booking rooms in advance.
10.We went to Maine to visit my spouses extended family. We were looking for a road and driving in circles so we stopped and asked a man in his front yard how to get where we were going. He looked at us and said in a THICK accent " You cant get they-ah from he- ah" . Then he busted out laughing, we were 400 yards from the place.


Me said...

The Lion Sleeps Tonight sing-along sounds like so much fun. Enjoyed reading about your vacation moments.

Teena in Toronto said...

Our dog isn't crazy about being in the car at all!

I played too :)

Always Faith said...

Hehe....6 is hilarious. 5 reminds me of a vacation memory that I forgot...LOL. What is it about long car rides that makes kids silly??? LOL. Great list.

PJD said...

Love the story about the kitty litter.

There are lots of brown things in Montana.

These are insights you just can't get from Frommer's or Michelin. :-)