Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hungry foster kids

This week we had two little girls come to us for a respite.

I know that foster care can be a hot topic.

I know that people get very angry with the treatment some children receive in foster homes, and yet I am still so angry at the treatment some children have to endure with their "natural" families before someone will step in and say "enough is enough".

Drug abuse, physical abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, the list is endless.

These little girls came into our home with some issues around food - which is pretty normal for the kids we see. They are so accustomed to the idea of "feast or famine" that when they see food they have no idea when they are going to see any again and so they eat until they make themselves sick, they hoard food etc.

We have some strategies to help them know that while they are with us they will have all the food they need on a regular basis, but when a one year old doesn't want to stop eating it just infuriates me at the treatment that child must have received.

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Janet said...

you two are amazing that you can do this. Good luck with the girls!