Thursday, July 24, 2008

Three beautiful things

1. We have a new baby in our home right now. He is not even five pounds and his little fingers and toes are beautiful. Last night while I was feeding him I was playing with his feet. (I undress him in the night to feed him because if I didn't he would just fall back to sleep with the bottle in his mouth and feeding time would last longer than I can stay awake for). He was not impressed with me tickling his feet and he grunted the cutest little baby grunt to let me know of his displeasure - even his grunt was beautiful!

2. We have been dog sitting some dogs for a friend while she was on vacation. Her two dogs are very sweet. Our dogs love having the extra playmates and they appear to love the visit to the country as they play and run and swim in the dugout all the live long day. They have been with us for almost 2 weeks and last night I took them home to their mommy. Although we love having them, being back in our home with just our brood was beautifully silent and CALM. All the cats came out (the young puppy visitor has no kitty manners and chases our feline family members).

3. Sleep. Sleep is a beautiful thing which I love at the best of times, but having a new baby in the house and a two year old who for some reason the last week has decided he would rather scream and throw everything out of his crib than go to bed.... after the 5am feed this morning I fell DEEPLY asleep and was late for work. The late for work part wasn't the beautiful part, the sleep from 5:30 am to 7:30 am was beautiful.

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