Monday, July 7, 2008

How nerdy am I?

This is what a nerd I am. My spouse started to blog and she gets a TON of hits to her blog every day. I never knew how many I got, but I don't really go out and comment on other blogs and I am completely surprised that anyone visits this site at all. I get about 8 hits a day and seven of them are me - checking to see if anyone has come since the last time I checked. It doesn't show me who comes, just how many people come.
So I went and added a cluster map to this site so I could see the countries that people checking out the blog were from.
I am completely captivated by it and I check it out all the time.
Today someone from INDIA looked at it!
I am now on a quest to find ways to get people from foreign countries to come to this site so that I can get dots from all different countries. I haven't completely figured out how I am going to get them to come here, but I am working on a plan.

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Anonymous said...

NERDY. No bout a doubt it!