Friday, July 18, 2008

Three Beautiful Things

Our newborn foster baby. My Spousal Unit picked him up from the hospital just over a week ago when they called to say he was ready to be discharged. As with every foster child we have ever had, the information known about the situation is scant. The babe was 2 days old when we picked him up and weighed just over 4 pounds. We were shocked to know he was able to be released at that weight - it seemed very small to us, but we took him home. He has been a GREAT baby, I love the smell of his little (and I mean TEENY) head. Of course when we went for his one week checkup our family doctor said no WAY should he have been released and immediately put him in an ambulance to be transported to another area hospital. I met him there and spent the night with him. I am amazed after having him in our home for just one week, how he responds to the sound of my voice and my touch. Though I HATE to see him in pain as they draw blood repeatedly from his teeny body, the fact that he calms down when I touch and speak to him is a beautiful thing.

Hearing my friends voice after too many months with no contact.

Four tired out and sleeping dogs (two of ours and two of my friends who we are babysitting)

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