Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ten on tuesday: ten favorite sports

This week at ten on tuesday the topic is ten favorite sports to play/watch.
To watch:
1. Soccer. Particularly EPL Liverpool games and World Cup games.
2. Ultimate fighting.
3. NBA, WNBA and college basketball.
4. Tennis - preferably women's tennis.
5. Rugby.
6. Boxing. Boxing is best to watch with Dave, Angelo, and Justin while smoking cigars.
7. Iron Man, Strong man and lumberjack games.
8. Summer Olympics
To play:
9. Soccer
10. Karate


Unknown said...

Oh, I should not tell you I am a Manchester fan, huh?
I love the summer olympics. Other than that I usually don't watch your list! But I like the bloopers! lol
Thanks for sharing!

Maisie said...

Lumberjack games are fun to watch. We had those at our county fair last year.