Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 13: Great Danes

Here is a photo of Hugo taken yesterday.

You can link to other participants of the Thursday 13 meme HERE. I love to check it out each month, there are some great posts!

My theme for this month is focused on our newest addition to the family. Our baby Hugo.
Here are 13 facts about Great Danes and the Great Danes in our family!

1. Great Danes are one of the World's Tallest Dog Breeds.

2. Great Danes are often referred to as gentle giants. They are gentle and loving and are excellent family dogs.

Never approach a Great Dane on the assumption of friendliness, especially if the Dane is accompanied by the children in his family, as the drive to protect the youngsters of the pack from perceived danger isn’t something that is so easily bred out.

3. Historians claim that there are drawings of dogs that resemble the Great Dane on Egyptian monuments from roughly 3000 B.C. The earliest written description of a dog resembling the breed can be found in Chinese literature of 1121 B.C.

4.The Great Dane was designated the official state dog of Pennsylvania in 1965. A portrait of William Penn and his Great Dane hangs in the Governor's reception room (Best Friend, by Pennsylvania artist Violet Oakley). Great Danes were used as a hunting and working breed in frontier Pennsylvania. PA Legislation states that naming an official dog of the Commonwealth would "recognize the steadfast service and loyal devotion of all dogs in Pennsylvania." (Only ten states recognise canine symbols!)

5.Marmaduke is a newspaper comic strip drawn by Brad Anderson from 1954 to the present day. The strip revolves around the Winslow family and their Great Dane, Marmaduke.

6.Great Danes are people dogs. They don't do well if left outside or if they aren't an integral part of their human's lives. They are among the most loyal of dog breeds and absolutely adore their humans. And all they want -need- in return, is to be loved back.

7. Watch out for that tail!

8. Our families first great Dane was Jason. I am certain there is a photo of me with him somewhere.... Here is a picture of the next Danes in our lives. Thor and Circe.

9. Fast forward to Canada and 2010... we FINALLY got a Dane and nothing could make me happier! Welcome to our baby Hugo.

10.One of the owners of the Hope diamond used to have her Great Dane wear it around their neck. - I found this info on THIS website and I have yet to verify it..... Still interesting though!

11.Great Danes are 120 times bigger than a Chihuahua.

12.Great Danes tend to be a lady’s dog. That’s only because of the difference in speech and mannerisms between men and women, however. Great Danes do not respond well to hard correction or training methods, as they are emotionally sensitive creatures.

13. Here is a list of some famous people who have owned Great Danes:
Brad Anderson, author, comic strip ‘Marmaduke’
Mario Andretti, Indianapolis 500-winning race car driver
Otto von Bismarck, German chancellor: Odin and several others
Clara Bow, silent screen actress: Duke
ames Brolin, actor in Westworld: Buck
Sid Caesar, TV comedian: Julius (obviously)
Roger Caras, author of animal books
Wilt Chamberlain, basketball star: had several
Chubby Checkers, rock and roll singer
Mike Douglas, TV talk show host: (also) Duke
Faisal, king of Saudi Arabia
Kelsey Grammer, actor
Maxwell Knight, author: Lorna
Olivia Newton-John, singer: Zargon
Bruce Lee, actor in martial arts films: Bobo
Ruta Lee, actress: Kronen
Greg Louganis, Olympic gold medalist in diving: Freeway and several others
Meredith MacRae, actress: Shinka and others
Valerie Perrine, actress: Ching and others
Alexander Pope, English Poet: Bounce
Manfred Freiher von Richthofen, German air ace also known as the Red Baron: Moritz
Franklin D. Roosevelt, US prez: President (what a suitable name)
Willaim Shatner, actor
Leslie Uggams, singer, actress
Gretchen Wyler, broadway musical actress


Forgetfulone said...

My ex-husband loves great danes, and so do my kids. They seem like good family pets.

colleen said...

amazing that they've been around that long!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I just love that top picture of Hugo on the couch.

Teena in Toronto said...

One of our neighbours had a great dane named Gracie. What an awesome dog! Alas, they had to put her to sleep in the spring :(

Mickey Blumental said...

Hey! You didn't mention me as a famous Great Dane owner! ;)

Great post and it's all true. Great Danes are amazing. I'm glad to see you didn't chop your dog's ears as I think the big floppy ears are a huge part of their charm. People who want pointy ears should get a different breed.