Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lost in translation

I find much humor in the way things are translated from other languages into English. When I visited Singapore I took some pretty funny pictures of signs in English that had lost something in translation but were funny to me.
Last Christmas we got Max a toy that was made in China and the instructions on the box were ridiculously hilarious. I scanned the box to keep the instructions but who knows where that photo has disappeared to.
Every night I play my DSI before bed (after reading and usually while watching Big Brother). I am currently playing MahJong even though I have a lot of new and interesting games, I am in a puzzle mode.
At every level of this game there is a little snippet of wisdom and last nights wisdom made me laugh out loud.

"The path to success is not paved with luck, but with blood, sweat, and pure bile."

It made my night. Pure bile.