Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Max is captivated by Dora. I don't mind this one bit because the only other thing that has ever captivated him was "In the Night Garden" and I was pretty tired of the night garden! I needed to graduate to something a little more advanced than tombliboos and ninky nonks.

Dora is more of an interactive show, she asks the "audience" to say things (like "map"). Max is not very interactive, but he knows exactly what is going on.

Last night while we were watching Dora before bed (which is our bedtime ritual). Max asked if we could go to Dora's house. Unfortunately I have no idea where Dora lives. I explained to Max that I had no idea how to get to her house to which he responded "Ask the map, Mom!"

Anyone have a map to Dora's house?

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Teena in Toronto said...

Sure wish I could help but you lost me at "tombliboos" and "ninky nonks". Ha!