Wednesday, August 25, 2010

exceptions to the rule

It is the final week of work before all the students arrive. It is the week of work I like the least because I am excited to get the year going but the tasks pile up monumentally and inevitably there are 500 minuscule things to do which each take a lot of time so it feels as though I am running around like a chicken with my head chopped off - accomplishing very little but making a bigger mess.
There are hundreds of phone calls a day with people asking the same questions - important to them but interrupting my mad frenzy and putting me further and further behind.
EVERY year we say that no-one can move in early. EVERY year people ask to move in early and I LOATHE to allow it as it causes so many more problems than it solves.
I had a student call me today to make a request to move in early. She is a foreign student and understanding her over the phone can be challenging at the best of times.
When I asked her to please explain why she could not arrive when we had scheduled check in and orientation she said to me, "My sister cannot ride me on Friday and she cannot ride me on Sunday. My sister can only ride me on Saturday."
Far be it from me to tell anyone when their sister should be able to ride them. I am letting her move in.

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