Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 of 12: August

12 of 12

This is a meme hosted by Chad Darnell (check out Chad's site HERE and you can see others who participate each month. There are participants from around the globe and I love to see what they all post.

Here are my 12 photos from today.

1. 7am - Why oh why do we have so many shoes at the back door when there are only two adults and two children living here? I am sure that more than 1/2 these shoes do not fit anyone. I need to go through them again but I am CERTAIN that we just did this last month?

2. I had to steal pictures from my spouse because I felt like all my photos are the same every month. Today while I was working she took the boys to the river. Here are some of her pictures (also from today!)
11:00 - Making their way down the hill.

3. The river. Should something be growing in this water? I am not a river expert. I have no idea. I thought maybe not since the water is flowing quite quickly here.

4. Thinking about going in......

5. Big rock = Big splash!

6. Danger!

7. 5pm
Back to pictures taken by me. This is what I do twice a day, every day. Sit and wait for road construction. I can't complain because my drive home is VERY quick - without traffic - usually. So this is a small price to pay. Of course the day I decide to take a picture the flag person is a male, usually it is a female who is a lot easier on the eyes!

8. 5pm
9. Wheat.
10. A different kind of wheat!

11. 5:30 pm
Wheat for miles.

Ok - is it JUST me or does something seem wrong with this picture.
Wheat. Wheat. Fields of Wheat.
then ... OH! Methanol!
It reminds me of a song I learned in my youth from Sesame Street:
One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong!


Anonymous said...

i wish i lived near a body of water. the river looks really good ;)

and your boys look like they had some fun!

linoue said...

Jello LOVESMUKIWA, I do not know where you live but the scenery is gorgeous. From lakes to fields and I could not help but notice the skies (what glorious skies). As for shoes, if having too many shoes was a disease, I would have it too... Cool shot!

BU said...

The roadsignsman looks creepy, almost like an alien or something!

Unknown said...

I like Pic 11 most :-) because there is no "end" of wheat - or it seems so.

Your boy are lucky once because of the rive. Nice to play I think.

Have a nice day


Jill said...

We have two humans and two dogs... and sometimes our front hall looks like yours. :)

The wheat pics are awesome. Methanol... interesting.

I couldn't help peek at your Thursday 13 post... Hugo is adorable! (we have to watch for tails in our house, too.)

Thanks for sharing.

Teena in Toronto said...

Can I come play by the water with you guys next time? Pleez?

Pete Cullen said...

Wow that is some clear water Julie, I'm sure they were thinking of you working away :)

Really nice set of photos, Canada looking stunning as ever.

Dogeared said...

Playing in the river looks fun, and heh - maybe you need a shoe rack, so everyone has one shelf? ;-)

Sorry I’m late commenting – my own 12 only went up on the 16th lol, as I was visiting friends. But better late than never for posting and commenting ;-)