Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long Weekend

It wouldn't be a long weekend at our house without a trip to outpatients. This weekend we made not one, but TWO trips.
I am grateful that we have a small hospital in our community and that they have drop in hours, but just because I am grateful they are here doesn't mean I enjoy spending time there!
Last month when Shel broke her ankle we were there and within 48 hours I was back with Max for his ear. We were there twice for him with his ear over the span of just a few days.
This weekend I took CJ in on Saturday after we noticed a horrible rash of blisters all over his feet and then on Monday I was back with Max and his ear AGAIN.
CJ has had a virus and though I am not happy that he had it I am relieved to know he was sick because he has absolutely not been himself at all and I have been worried that in his "toddlerhood" he was leaving behind the sweet, sweet personality that he has had since birth. He is my joy.
This time for Max were given a referral to the specialist who did the adenoid surgery and put his tubes in. The doc said he thinks Max will need surgery on his ears again. I am NOT excited at the thought of surgery for him again since the last surgery was a nightmare but we have to do SOMETHING with these ear infections for the poor kid. He has been on antibiotics four times this summer and ear drops twice. He used to be so good at taking medicine but he is tired of it and the medicines are nasty. Poor kid.
It was a killer for us as far as the weekend went. I feel as though the summer is over and we missed it somehow.

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Teena in Toronto said...

That's too bad that you've had so many visits :(