Sunday, February 28, 2010

letter to C-Note

Whats up my little humpback whale?
I am pretty sure you NOT be impressed that this is the photo I chose to share of you this month, but I couldn't resist. Let's just say there were others more revealing which you will be grateful are not posted here! I cannot believe how much you are growing.
We have the potty out to try and teach your older brother how to use. He has absolutely no interest in it but you have a BALL sitting on the potty. You think it is hilarious and you sit on it every opportunity you get. You haven;t actually used it for the purpose for which it was intended yet, but if you keep sitting there something is inevitably going to happen I am certain.
I love you so much words cannot even express. You make me so happy and leaving you in the morning when you cry to come with me just tears my heart out. Mom holds you at the back window and you wave and blow kisses until we are out of site. I hate this part of the day and look forward to every minute until we are back together again.
The weather is getting better and better and you LOVE to be outside. In fact, you love being outside so much that you scream blue murder when we try to bring you inside! The days are getting longer and you think that as long as the sun in shining you should be outside. This might prove to be a bit of a problem for us in June when there is daylight for 20 hours a day. I have been having some fun with the burn pile because the weather is nice, there are no bugs and it is perfect to have a big bonfire. You are a very good helper, but more interested in making your own way around the yard than in hanging out with me. I can see there won't be many opportunities to sit outside and read a book this summer with you making trails in the yard. It makes me laugh to think how differently your mom and I live our lives with our boys than we did before you came along. Our lives revolve around you and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way.... just slow down for me as you trek across the yard ok bud?
I love you to the stars and back.
Rest your head, close to my heart, never to part baby of mine.
Love mama.

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