Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day three: four days left

Friday was day three (yesterday). I was scheduled to have the day off work but there was a check out and so I needed to go in for room assessments. When I went in there turned out to be issue that needed my attention by the computer and phone and so I didn't do any room assessments... it was a real bust of a day. I feel like my time was completely wasted and I would MUCH rather have been at home with the boyo's.
I picked up the boys, we came home, made dinner, hung out for a while and went to bed. I wanted to blog and do laundry and some more dishes, but I was wiped out from the day and went to bed. Last night was actually better than the night before but Max was still up in the middle of the night telling me he was "finished" sleeping!
I think if I can get a good rhythm we will all be ok, but so far things aren't flowing yet. C had pickled beetroot for the first time tonight. Max won't go withing ten miles of anything new but C tried it and didn't gag! (That's a bonus) I think if he tries it a few more times he may like it a lot. He did think they pink dye on his fingers was cool!

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