Friday, February 12, 2010

12 of 12: February

For 12 of 12 this month, mom is away and it is just me and the boys all alone at home hanging out. I don't know how interesting a day at home will be in photos, but here we go!
12 of 12 is hosted by Chad Darnell at his website which can be linked to above.
Thanks Chad!

Here is my day.....


The new morning ritual is to come into our room and hang out with us first thing in the morning. It is a kid/pet bonding moment for sure. I am not ready to get out of bed yet.

7:30 am

Too early for me to be eating but the boys need to eat right away so I am diligently cooking bacon for them. Max stood next to me and ate everything that came off the pan and I didn't even realize how much he ate until it was all gone and C and I didn't have any!


I just ducked out the back door to take a picture of the sun rising. The sky has been really pink in the morning for the past week and of course today it was not nearly as bright as it had been. Oh well! It is getting brighter earlier every day.


I turned from taking a picture of the sunrise to take one of the amount of snow on the roof. We need to pull it down before the ice buildup at the bottom gets too big, but this is NOTHING compared to past years.


So breakfast is finished and it sure looks nice outside. Someone is dreaming of getting out and playing in the snow.... OK. I'll suck it up and get out there!


Still outside (which is a miracle for me - I am NOT a fan of the great outdoors when it is cold out!) Here sits the shovel, still thinking about making our own rink on the dugout, but it is warming up now so I don't think it is worth the effort this winter. Maybe next winter when the dugout is fenced and the boys are a little older. I really HAVE to teach them to skate. Having mothers who are not "into" winter sports is not going to get our boys any slack when they are the only boys who can't skate and we live in Canada for crying out loud!

So we "napped" (well in actuality we had "quiet hour" because there was no-one sleeping) and I thought I could buy myself some time to catch up on some television. What happened as I sat in the living room was that the boys decided to "cook" and dumped out the Costco sized container of garlic powder onto the kitchen floor. I should have known it was too quiet. Thankfully, they love vacuuming as much as they love "cooking".

We have gone through three outfits today and already taken three baths. My boy with the addiction to cords is carrying my phone around in his pocket plugged to the charger. Electric cord junkie.

6:30 pm
I went to the kitchen to get a snack and it appears that SOMEONE has already had the beginnings of a snack!

In the living room now, waiting for the Olympics to begin. This was a gift to me from one of my professors when I graduated from university. I love it and unfortunately my boys do also. It has certainly been well used but I think it is on it's last legs. I certainly could not have predicted it's future on the day I received it.

The Olympics is beginning! This was about all I saw of the whole opening ceremony. The boys were simply not interested.
The boys are in bed and I came back downstairs to have a few moments to myself. I watched one television commercial (this one) and I have decided I am going to go to bed myself.
Night night!

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The Bumbles said...

A day in photos - very cool. That sunrise picture is beautiful. I am a night owl without children so that moment of the day is not one I witness. Thanks for sharing ;0)