Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Countdown to the Year of the Tiger

I'm a pig. That is to say, I was born in the Year of the BOAR (or pig).

This year is the Year of the Rooster. Let me just say, that the year of the rooster is not a good one if you happen to be a pig. I don't know what problem roosters have with pigs, generally, but they do not get along. I can attest to this fact.

I looked up the pig outlook for 2009 and it was not good. Predicted were one favorable months, 1 neutral months, and the rest lousy months. Perhaps because I knew this I made it "happen" this way, but I am inclined to believe that much happened beyond my control in 2009 and little of it was good.

We had to put down three cats and one dog just for starters and things didn't improve from there. That's why I am excited for the Year of the Tiger. In exactly 12 days the year of the Tiger begins. Common sense would dictate that two farm animals would have more in common than a farm animal and a predator, but I who am I to say. My pig outlook for the year of the Tiger is 11 favorable months and 1 neutral month. Under normal circumstances I would not claim to be superstitious in any way, but if the Chinese Calendar says this will be a good year for me then I will not dispute it. I will embrace it. I will love it, and perhaps my loving it will translate into me having a better year than last one. 12 days and counting.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I was born in the year of the tiger so I'm hoping for a good year!