Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day four: three days left!

It is no surprise to me that C was up at the crack of dark. My clock still had a "6" as the first number... So much for a Saturday sleep in! Mornings are the hardest for me because I just do not wake up "ready to go" for the day. I know the boys are hungry and need to eat, but I almost need to sit down and fully wake up before I feel like I can get moving for the day.
My plan for the day was to make bacon and eggs. Max stood next to me and ate every piece of bacon I put on the paper towel to soak. I think he single handedly ate a half pound of bacon - i know C and I certainly didn't have anything worth commenting about! I made scrambled eggs, which neither of them ate and when I was done with all the bacon I fried myself an egg the way I like it (dead, dead, and crispy dead) and sat down to eat. Well apparently my egg was more appealing to the boys than theirs were and I sat at the table with a boy on each knee while they ate my egg! Too funny.
We cleaned a bit, made a mess a bit, and hung out for the day. We were going to go and get haircuts but while I was cooking breakfast Max laid his head on the paper plate where I was putting the bacon to drip and got a head full of drippings. Turns out there was a line of people to get their hair cut anyway (so much for getting someone else to wash his hair!)
I had a plan to do a craft today and have the boys make something for Shel for when she got home. Unfortunately that plan went to the dogs when Max ripped up all the construction paper on the way home from the dollar store.
Max didn't have much for supper, but I figure a half pound of bacon can probably tide him over for the day :)
We are having a good time, missing mom a lot, but I love being home all day with the boys rather than dropping them off at a sitters then picking them up after working all day. Things are much smoother when we hang together. I still cant wait till Shel gets home! I had big plans for the night after the boys went to bed but I am now ready to just pack it in and go to bed.

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