Sunday, February 21, 2010


We have lived in our house now for over two years. There are many projects that we need to work on but like all old homes, once you begin a project it turns into something much larger than originally anticipated and so we are now living in a house with many "started" projects and very few "finished" projects.
One of the things we did immediately (before we even moved in) was to take out the nasty old carpet in some of the rooms and on the stairs. Unfortunately when we took up the carpet on the stairs the carpet pad had been glued down and try as we might, we could not get the dang thing up.
This is what each step looked like. It is a horrendous catcher of pet hair and other gross things and we vacuum it more than once a day (it helps to have kids who like to vacuum) but the steps were NEVER clean.

Add to that the staples that were in each step. I have no idea why there were so many, but I estimate from having pulled them out, that there were at least 30 staples PER step. These staples made it increasingly difficult to get the carpet pad off and they were very painful to step on!

My maintenance man at work found this tool which he has fallen in love with. He saw it advertised on television one morning at 6am and he was on a quest to find one for himself. I have heard many renditions of how wonderful it is and he has even had me over for a personal demonstration of the wonders of this tool. He assured me that this tool would solve all my woes and sent me home with it this weekend to try out on my stairs.

It is every bit the wonder he assured me it was. It was AMAZING. I had a BLAST using it and the stairs look amazing. I did have to spend some time taking out the staples by hand, but the job is now almost complete (I have two steps remaining at the top which I will complete this week) and I loved every minute of the project. So did Max and CJ.

I don't know why I don't have a good "after" picture. I need to take one and post it for sure. It looks sooo much better and feels fantastic. Now all we need is a new carpet and we will have one home project COMPLETE. What will that feel like?

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