Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day two: six days left

Time is seriously dragging here. I feel as though we had a good day and I certainly got a lot accomplished, but the time is just moving at a snail pace. I Barbequed for supper tonight. It makes me laugh that I barbequed when the temperature was hovering around -15 degrees. Who does that? Why, people who live this far north!
I managed to make supper, put in a load of laundry, bathe the kids and get them to bed. I know this is the stuff people do ALL the time, every day of their lives and so it seems as though I am making a big deal out of nothing. It's just that I LIKE doing this with my spouse. I LIKE raising the boys with her. Max lately has been so "clingy" and I have no idea why. He and Ceejer were in the tub together and I went to pick Ceej up and Max almost had a fit. He wants me to pick HIM up and keep HIM on my lap when we are in the living room. The strange thing is he doesnt even really WANT to be in my lap, he just doesnt want C there. Thats why I like having two of us. I don't feel as though I am abandoning one boy for the other. I dont understand Maxies recent need to be babied, I am just a sucker for my boys I guess!
So it's after 10 pm. I need to go to bed and eek out every minute of sleep I can get. I was planning on taking the day off from work tomorrow and as it happens there is a check out and I need to do room assessments, so no day off for me. I REALLY wanted to just chill with my boys at home, but I guess I have to wait until Saturday for that. I was thinking I might do some dishes.... I hurried and thought of something else!
Oh, the buzzer just went on the dryer. I need to turn it on for one more cycle. Nighty night!

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