Wednesday, February 10, 2010

day one: seven days left

We got up super early this morning and drove the almost 2 hours to the airport. The fog was INSANE at 3am and worse at 7 am when there were more vehicles on the road. There was at least one accident I passed on the way home and if there were more I didn't see them because the fog was so thick.
Shel has had a LONG day of travel - she hasn't arrived at her destination yet, but I think she will be there in a few minutes. Two long car trips, two countries, one nightmare of immigration and three planes later and her trip has only just begun!
The funny thing is that usually on a Wednesday I work a really long day and stay in town overnight. I don't get home for about 24 hours. Shel has been gone for less than that, and I have been at work most of the day and I miss her! I haven't even been gone as long as I am normally on a week to week basis, but just knowing she is in the USA tonight feels different.
I am still waiting for her to call and tell me she has arrived safely. Seven days until we pick her up.

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