Sunday, March 7, 2010

Max and I are hanging out downstairs while mom and the baby are trying to take a nap. We are trying to be quiet which is difficult for Max - for not talking he sure does speak a lot!
He never stops making noise and he is "telling a story" the whole time. It is kind of funny but he wants me to look at him constantly so he knows I am listening. He keeps saying "ma, MA, MA, MA!" I am trying to play on the computer and he is hanging out with me in the living room. I put up the baby gate at the living room door so that he would not go upstairs and wake everyone up.
He just explained to me that he needed to open the gate because he had to go into the kitchen and that he would NOT go "up high" (which means upstairs).
Helios came in from outside and Max asked me to put the blanket over his legs so that Helios could sit next to him without poking his legs as he kneaded him. I put the blanket over his legs and it was the longest he sat in one spot quietly all day. His relationship with the pets truly is amazing. he is So gentle and loving. Yesterday we went to the school for a demonstration of sled dogs. C sat in the sled while I drove and then Shel took a turn driving and we hoped Max would sit in the sled, but he would absolutely not sit down on it. Instead he ran alongside! It was cool to drive. I am sure he would have loved it if he had tried it. Sometimes his reluctance to try new things is sad to me because I know he would love some things so much.
He is now playing with the baby gate. I wish he liked movies, I would love to just put in a Disney movie on a Sunday afternoon when everyone was asleep and he was not wanting to nap, just for a little break. Oh well! Such is the joy of parenting a boy.

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