Friday, March 12, 2010

12 of 12: March

My 12 of 12 this month did not turn out as I had hoped and dreamed.

12 of 12 is the brainchild of Chad Darnell and you can link to his site HERE and check out other participants.

I had camera issues and then computer issues and I have been battling with them but have given up the fight. I am now posting what I have (even though it starts at the end of the day and not the beginning and the date on the shots says the 14th - it wasn't!) ARG.....

Oh well. I can only hope my 12 o f 12 posts improve over the course of the year ... There are still nine to go!


My boy received his first ever progress report from the program he attends. According to the report he does one thing consistently and without support - he gets ready for snack!

He does this at home also - his favorite snack to make is shakes and he used to drink them. Now he just likes to make them for everyone. (He does get some support at home when it comes to the use of the blender!)


Prepping for the blender.


Coming home from a ride into town. Dog is my co-pilot.


Unfortunately this does not show what I wanted but I admit I was not getting out of the car to take any pictures - they are all taken through the window. This is another example in our area of trees that have been hit with the dreaded pine beetle. The devastation is incredible and very sad. Some trees in this row are on their way out and usually when a few go they all follow.

3:30 pm

A gas plant. There are more and more of these everywhere you look. Less and less trees and more and more gas plants. I understand the need and I understand the jobs the industry provide. Unfortunately it does not make having one of this in your back yard any prettier to look at - or any less dangerous.

This next photo is not one that I took but it is a photo of a gas plant blowout in our province that happened recently. As far as I know it is still burning.

3:30 pm

On the main highway between our house and town this little house keeps a watch over the development. One we saw a family of foxes in the window which would have made for an incredible picture. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera on hand. I pass this a few times a day - so a dozen or more times in a week. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is.

3:00 pm

Leaving town we drove behind a trailer moving hay bales. I am still amazed at the lack of snow we have for this time of the year. It is unusual to see this scene so early in the year.

12:40 pm

Look at us with a temperature above freezing!


Stopping in at the local grocery store - which I hate to do because things in town are more expensive than driving to the city to get - but it is an evil necessity. I had the day off today and enjoyed hanging out with the boys. We have a tradition now of breakfast of bacon and eggs but we were fresh out of bacon so we made a trip into town to burn some time and get some bacon.


Leaving the house to run to town and pick up some groceries. Maxie now takes off his boots immediately upon getting into his car seat. In just a minute he will have his socks off also. I get it that he wants to be comfortable for the LONG (20 minute) drive into town but it is a hassle to get his "re" dressed when we arrive!


Here begin the issues with my camera. I changed the batteries and apparently reset the date to 2007? So I thought I corrected the year but I overcorrected the day and now we are on the 14th instead of the 12th? When did camera's become so complicated or is it just that my fingers are too fat to push the teeny buttons?

This is the windchimes at our back door. I love them and they are beautiful when frosted over.

My goal for next month is to improve my 12 of 12 :)


Retro Girl said...

Love the pictures. Especially the one with those sweet precious chubby little child fingers, as he cuts the banana! How cute! I love seeing a person's world thru their camera many people overlook so much beauty and art in everyday life, even things they think are the mundane or boring...look thru the lens with an open eye and mind! :-) Love it all!

Anonymous said...

DOG is my co-pilot too!!