Wednesday, March 31, 2010

letter to C-note: 32 months

Dear C-note.
Wowza. You are growing so fast, so fast. When you fall asleep in my arms at night I just want the clock to stop. I just want to hold you. Last night I looked at you laying in your crib and you are so LONG! You called for me int he middle of the night last night. I went into your room where you were sleeping and you reached up to hold my hand. You didn't even open your eyes, you just reached for me. I held your hand for a minute and then you tucked it back under your belly and went back to sleep. I will come to you whenever you call me - even if it is just to hold your hand.
I still remember the little four pound baby that you were when you came home from the hospital. You were so teeny in my arms. When you are ready to sleep you tuck your arms underneath you, close to my body and nuzzle your head into my shoulder and breath a deep sigh and go to sleep. I love you so much that just thinking about it makes my chest hurt. You bring me more joy than I knew was possible.
You smile and you laugh and you wave and everything you do just makes me love you more. You are having a rough time cutting four teeth right now and I am sure your ears are bugging you but you are still so happy. You say "momma", "up", "please" ,"open"(and should I admit your one other word is "coke"?) but your voice even makes me smile. You are getting more and more independent and I love it, but oh I miss how much you depended on me what seems like just a few minutes ago. I know we are getting closer and closer to your "terrible twos" because you are not afraid at all to exert your will, even if it is the form of a tantrum! I find these little expressions of your will amusing right now - probably because I haven't experienced one in the middle of the grocery store yet - but the next year should be an interesting one as you get more and more independent.
I love you my little humpback whale.
Rest your head, close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.
Love mama

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