Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Snapshot of March

1. photo of me : is there one of me this month? I am going to have to go back and look for one, I can't seem to find one right now....

2. Current candle scents: I don't have any new candles this month. I did look at some but there was nothing I was interested in.

3. What I am currently reading: I finished a book last night which I didn't really like - Midnight Fugue. Today I am starting to read Cutting for Stone.

4. What is my favorite book read this month: The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue

5. Movies I saw: I didn't go to one movie, and I didn't watch any on tv. I would like to try and watch at least one movie this weekend but it will have to be a rental.

6. Something yummy I made this month: I made squat this month. I need to bust out some recipe books. Max made a "happy cake" all over the kitchen floor. It wasn't yummy but it was interesting and it made him and CJ happy for sure!

7. The last place I ate out: McDonalds in Walmart.

8. Something that made me cry: I am pretty sure I cried this month cause emotionally I am on some weird trip... what I cried about I can't specifically recall.

9. Something that made me laugh: Max got his first report card this month. There is one thing my boy does in his program "with consistency".... he gets ready for snack! It made me laugh to read that. in fact, he is doing AMAZINGLY in his program and the report card didn't reflect that at all. He went from saying "ZERO" words in September to more than 50 I am sure - even though we haven't done an official count. That is not reflected anywhere in the report card. Thank goodness for snack time.

10. Something I looked forward to this month:

11. Something I am thankful for: My Spouse. Relationships - marriages - are something I believe you work on constantly. We have come a long way in 13+ years and the addition of our two little boys had added a dimension to our relationship that I couldn't have imagined or predicted. I am thankful for my spouse. Thankful for the easy silence.

12. Something I want to remember about this month: Max smiling for the camera for the first time, and being so helpful with his little brother outside.

13. A photo I took this month:
The weather was awesome so we busted out all the outdoor toys from the Quonset for the boys to play on. We went to bed and when we woke up in the morning it had snowed - more snow than we have had all year. The boys have decided all they want to do now is be outside and so outside we went and into the snow. It didn't stop them from playing, the baby just needs some help from his big brother to get through the snow. Help his big brother was more than happy to give!

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