Monday, April 12, 2010

12 of 12: April

Chad Darnell is the originator and host of this monthly meme. It is my favorite. You can link to Chad HERE.

Finally temperatures are creeping up!

Patches of snow still exist in the shady spots of the yard

YAY! No more trucking through thigh high drifts to play on the slide!

Who needs to go outside anyway, when indoors is so much more comfy?

The electrician is hard at work and we got a peek at the insulation of our very old house. Time for more renovations. What a shocker!

The after effects of a bite from younger brother. WOWZA !


The old wiring waiting for the dump. What a mess.

The house didn't burn down - how?

Watching mom in the basement. They are not permitted down the stairs.

That is VERY interesting!

Old panel - OUT!
All in all it was a very productive day in our house this month on the 12th!


Dogeared said...

Hee, I think my favourite was the photo of the boys' legs as they watched you in the basement!

Pete said...

Oh Julie the sitting on the dog photo has made me laugh big time here this morning, that's fantastic :)

Here's hoping its even warmer next month (that's still very chilly!).

Bec said...

Ouch, that look like quite a bite!

TJ said...

Interesting photos. I can't believe you still have snow on the ground. and there were a whole lot of wires hanging out. I really liked the picture with the dog being used as a pillow in the chair, that's great. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I look forward to next months photos.

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! You guys STILL have some snow!