Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my sons first foray into photography

My son is fascinated by all things electrical. Anything requiring batteries or electricity to run he believes was made for him and him alone. He has no interest in anything without batteries or things that are toys or replications of real things. Toy cell phones? Natch. Remote controls with no batteries? Junk. Even "real" kids cameras made by fisher price just for children are NOT worth his time and attention. He wants the real deal or nothing at all. For Christmas he picked out gifts for everyone on his list - extension cords - which he now claims as his own because hey, he picked them!

We have managed for the most part to keep "some" items to our adult selves by hiding them or keeping them out of his reach. Unfortunately now he knows how to climb, and how to move furniture to reach places he can't just by normal climbing methods. This morning he got a hold of my camera and took some pictures while we were getting ready in the kitchen. This is what he took:

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Teena in Toronto said...

It's interesting seeing things from his level :)