Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been watching some of this show on television-Undercover Boss. I will admit I have not watched every episode but some of them have made me laugh.
I like the idea of executives going undercover in their companies to find out what it is like to so the work of the "grunts" and some of the shows have been quite interesting. At the end of every episode the CEO's have this "reveal" where they meet up with the people they went undercover with and they make changes in the company (supposedly) but they always give some kind of "prize" or "reward" to the people they worked with undercover.
Last week was the season finale and the show was about 1-800-flowers. At the end of the show the president of the company met with the people and gave them all their "reward". Oh I laughed so hard. One lady had a flower arrangement "named" after her. One kid got to participate in a mentor ship program that the company ALREADY has - but his mentor will be the CEO. One lady got to meet with marketing to advertise her store in her area.
What a load of junk. I had to laugh out loud. I think the show is meant to be some kind of advertisement for companies who want to get the message out that they WANT to be good employers and that they are willing to put themselves in silly situations to get better. I have to say that my opinion of 1-800- flowers dropped a few notches. Do you think there are aspiring franchisee potential owners out there thinking now - MAYBE If I buy a franchise and MAYBE if I work my Bum off for years and MAYBE if I get to be the best franchise of all the franchises.... I will get a flower arrangement named after me! LOL.


Teena in Toronto said...

"Undercover Boss" is a great show!


i watched a few and like the concept. in one episode, the employee thinking the guy (unknowingly, his boss...) wouldn't make it in the trade. too funny!!