Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: thirteen olympic events I have not seen televised

I have mentioned already that I am a huge sports fan and I LOVE the Olympics.
My spousal unit and I have been watching Olympic coverage on a daily basis since they started on the 8th. I am supremely disappointed in the Olympic coverage. (not only is the olympic coverage CRAP, if you want to go online to and watch the coverage online, you get this nice little streaming message that says "sorry - you are in the USA and so you can't watch this video). What a load of crap. Who is being punished here?
The following are just SOME of the events that we have not seen. I do understand that diving, swimming, and gymnastics are popular, but in an olympic year I love to see the many different countries compete in all KINDS of events.

1. wrestling
2. tennis
3. soccer
4. archery
5. rowing (and kayak)
6. baseball (and softball)
7. field hockey
8. fencing
9. judo
10. trap shooting
11. air rifle
12. boxing
13. cycling

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Anonymous said...

Greeting from Shanghai China. Sorry to know that you can't watch these Olympic events....

Maybe you can try Youtube..