Monday, August 25, 2008

my life reduced

Yesterday I sat down to write a family letter in response to a letter sent by my brother.
My family is quite good at sending regular emails updating everyone on what is happening in their lives. As I sat down to write, I was reminded AGAIN of how having a baby in the house reduces our lives to the barest of survival skills. If we can get through the day with everyone fed and diapers regularly changed I call it a successful day.
How sad.
My one brother and his wife travelled this weekend between three different provinces with two small children to attend a wedding, see extended family, attend a missionary farewell and get back home to go to work.
My other brother and his wife had a mommy-daughter and daddy-son weekend, with shopping for mom and niece and camping for dad and nephew as part of the agenda for their time.
My sister is in the middle of selling a house and moving to a new house, also with two small children.
All I did this weekend was:
#1. Take my turn on overnight baby duty only to fail miserably at about 3 am on my designated night and roll over to wake my spouse to PLEASE take the baby because I could not open my eyes and could not be certain what facial orifice I was trying to stick the bottle into. The trooper that she is - she took the baby and I rolled over and fell deeply asleep.
#2. Take another night with the baby because I felt so guilty about not doing my first night that I volunteered to do another one... this time I managed to get through the night, but then I had to nap almost all day to recover from my late night activities.
#3. I DID manage to go to work on Sunday for a check in of students which has come WAY too quickly (after I napped again).

This morning when I got up to come to work I put the baby into my Spousal Units arms and gave her a bottle so she wouldn't have to get out of bed to get him set up. She rolled over and said to me " What did the pediatrician say?" I told her that I hadn't seen the pediatrician since I went to bed to which she responded "I wish you would take notes."

I think we are still a little sleep deprived.

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