Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ten on tuesday: 10 events that should be olympic sports

#1. Red Rover: "Red rover, Red rover, we call the Ruskies over."

#2. Milk chugging

#3. Musical Chairs.
#4. Tug of War

#5. Twister. (keep the clothing on please)

#6. Three Legged Race

#7. Dodgeball

#8. Hula Hooping. If synchronised swimming and trampolining are already olympic sports then this will be one soon.

#9. Tetris

#10. Pillow fighting


Unknown said...

I enjoyed the pictures you used with your list, except maybe the Twister one :-).

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Sunshinelene said...

your entries are fun and should be in the olympics. thanks for the visit!

Monkey! said...

Milk chugging & dodgeball would be great for the spectators as well!

Jennifer Coomer said...

your list is fantastic! red rover - brilliant, musical chairs - of course! three legged race - i was really good at this during elementary school field days. and tetris- oh yes.

Ranavan said...

ah ha ha! those are funny sports or non-sports or whatever one would call them.

hey, you never called me back...I seriously waited by the phone...o.k it was a cordless phone but nonetheless I waited!