Friday, August 1, 2008

meme: true or false

True or False

The point of this obviously to simply answer true or false, but I have a hard time following rules sometimes. (only sometimes - generally breaking rules stresses me out)

I've met a celebrity:true, but for the life of me right now I can't think of who.
I've danced naked:is there another way to dance? (this many have caused trauma to anyone who has ever seen me)
I am bored:false. I am blogging - how can I be bored?
I have been to Las Vegas: true, great buffets in Vegas.
I have make a scrapbook: a damn good one
I own a bicycle: true - not one of them is in rideable condition. LOL
I have been to Hollywood: true
I have been on a subway:true
I enjoy roller coasters:true, just not if they do loopy things or I'll barf
My toenails are painted:not yet, but they will be before summer is over (my spouse thinks summer is already over)
I always wear my seatbelt: false
My favorite color is pink: false
I am an only child: false, but an oldest child which has been likened to being an only child (but it's not true)
I have a collection: true. I have a SMALL collection of books (just ask anyone who helped us move)
I have been in a museum: true. I might even go to the local museum this summer, since it is only open summers and I have yet to go inside it.
I run with scissors:I would if I could run
My middle name starts with A: false
I can do a cartwheel: in my mind
I have been on a diet: false, but I need to be.
I am broke:Not as broke as I think I am - damn 30 yr mortgage.
I have a diploma:true
My car gets good gas mileage: true
I live close to the beach: false - but pretty close to a dugout, we just need to import some sand.

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