Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jill's visit

My little sister Jill came up to visit us this week. She is getting ready to go on a mission and we will not see her for the 18 months she is away.
We were lucky enough to be able to manage our schedules and get her up here to visit us before she left. We have had a really good time just hanging out together, playing scattergories, rolling our change barrel, dying my hair, and laughing lots. In the picture above she is using my super huge frisbee as a hula hoop.
Last night we were playing scattergories and the letter was "t". One of the topics was "things associated with money". As we are reading off our lists, Jill reads "things associated with monKeys!" She had written "trees" and we were able to extrapolate that trees make paper and paper makes money, so she still got a point! It has been lots of fun.
Max is completely in love with her and she is fabulous with him. Even though we don't see her very often we will miss her lots. It has been great to have her here.

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