Wednesday, August 20, 2008

parenting moments

Every now and then I just have to laugh as I see how Max is processing information and learning.
The last few days here it has been raining and raining which means we have to come up with things indoors to keep his attention. It is not so easy, he LOVES to be outside and all day long he is trying to go outside - rain or shine.
Well I was up with him in the morning and when I went to open the front door to let the dogs in, he escaped onto the front porch. The porch gets very slick in the rain and I wanted him to come inside. He was teasing me and every time I said "come here" he took one step towards me and stopped, looking up at me with a huge grin. So I decided to try a technique familiar to me, but not one i had used with him before. In my most threatening voice, I said "MAX. Come here NOW. ONE. TWO. THREE......."
Well he was listening all right, and he responded right away in the only way he knew how to respond to the "count". He jumped!
I completely broke out laughing, he did too. From now on counting will only apply to jumping.

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