Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ten on tuesday: Ten ways the world has changed since I left school

You can check out ten on Tuesday here.
This week the topic is : how has the world changed since I was in school.
I am actually in school now, so I am going to post how the world has changed since I left high school.

1. When I was in high school, Russia had been in Afghanistan for 9 years and the USA was funding the Taliban to help remove them. (the more things change the more they stay the same)
2. I'm not playing video games on the sega genesis anymore.
3. The Golden Toad and the Western Black Rhino have become extinct.
4. Cell phones and texting are common - they were unheard of when I was in school.
5. Students take computer classes in school and turn in papers written on computers.
6. Nelson Mandela has left prison, won a nobel peace prize and served as the president of his country.
7. Donated blood is being screened for AIDS
8. Dolly the sheep was cloned.
9. Canada and three other nations in the world have declared same sex marriage legal.
10. The Canadian dollar became worth more than the US dollar.


Ranavan said...

wow! a lot has changed in the 19years we have been out of school!

JCB said...

I can't believe we have been done for so long.