Monday, June 2, 2008

Home - eat in kitchen

This month on nablopomo the theme is "home".
When I started blogging I did a lot more writing and less "filling out" of memes and such. While I enjoy memes, I miss writing.
I have tried and failed to be inspired to write daily by the monthly themes at nablopomo and once again blog every day for the whole month - I was successful last November. When I saw the theme for this month was "home" I figured I could do it.
This photo was taken by my spousal unit. She does pretty much all the photo taking in our house, which I don't mind because she is good at it, even though she hasn't figured out a way to make me look skinny in any of the pictures she takes of me. This photo was taken on Sunday in our kitchen. We have a small kitchen and three dogs, four cats, and one cat (seen here) who thinks he's a dog. I guess that makes him a cog or a dat, we haven't decided which yet. All of our pets sleep inside but for the majority of the day they are outside. Somehow at suppertime they ALL manage to converge in the kitchen - as seen here.
This is what "home" means to me.

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