Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ten on tuesday: ten inventions that have made life easier

I've been pretty consistent with posting my ten on tuesday. Last week the topic was ten favorite moments in your countries history. I hit a wall with it because although I am a Canadian citizen and I have lived in Canada now for most of my life, I still battle with the idea of "home" and where my home is. I feel pretty strongly about Zimbabwe being my home and to be honest there's not too much in Zimbabwean history that I feel particularly proud of. So I skipped the posting last week.

This weeks topic: Ten inventions that have made life easier.

1. Microwave. Before we had microwaves I had no way to pop my microwave popcorn. Those little packets just sat up in my kitchen cupboard and took up space until the microwave came along.
2. Email. Now that my family is spread over continents, it sure makes life a lot easier to email.
3. Cup holders. I had to clean up a lot of spilled pop in my vehicle in the days before cup holders. Oh, right - Tinkey winkey still doesn't have cup holders. My life WOULD be easier if I had cup holders. Shoot, even lawnmowers have cup holders these days.
4. PVR. Oh how I love my poor mans Tivo. Not having to go through mega VHS tapes and then fast forward and rewind and lose crap. Oh, I don't miss the days of sitting through television commercials.
5. Push Button Phones. Man, trying to call in to radio shows and be the ninth caller when all we had was a rotary phone totally sucked. I NEVER won anything.
6. Television remote controls. Being a channel surfer this is very important to me and has made my life a LOT easier. In addition to the strain it has taken off my back from bending over to turn theknob, My eyes ae feeling a lot better since I am not straining to see what's on the screen with my face plastered up against it. Also, it would be hard to get through the 500 channels I pay for if I had to turn the dial constantly.
7. Watches. Which reminds me... I need to get my watch fixed. Why do I have so much trouble with watches?
8. Tampons. I won't say any more than that - are tampons considered an invention?
9. Digital cameras.
10. Laughing gas. I have dentist appointment in less than seven hours. I have no idea why I am awake right now, but considering that I am about to get a root canal, the invention or discovery of laughing gas is about to make my life a LOT easier. I hope it is available to me.

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