Friday, June 13, 2008

June Currents

I picked this up from here.

June Currents:

Current mood: Morose.
Current movie: Unfortunately I haven't seen one recently that I LOVED.
Current TV Show: The Mole.
Current book: The Target by Gerri Hill
Current song: Stop and Stare by OneRepublic
Current album:
Current food: Corn on the Cob. Hot dogs cooked over a fire.
Current drink: Lemonade.
Current color: Brown - the color of dirt
Current Beauty Product: shampoo? I'm not a beauty product user.
Current celebrity crush: Cat Cora
Current Project: Cutting down falling trees and stacking wood.
Current need: Sleep
Current guilty pleasure(s):
Current annoyance: Mosquitoes
Current excitement: Finishing my class this weekend.
Current triumph:
Current anticipation: Going for our first ever family pictures.

1 comment:

Stepher said...

I'm sorry about the morose-i-tude. Personally, I take meds. LOTS and lots of meds, LOL.


I'm having a contest on my blog. Each week we're naming our guesses for who we believe is The Mole and at the end, the person w/the most correct guesses wins a prize. You're more than welcome to play if you like. Perhaps it will help w/the moroseness?