Sunday, June 15, 2008

home: come so far

There are days I feel we have come so far.
We are on a pretty good schedule, Max is not NEARLY as sick as he was the first year of his life. Immunizations didn't set us back weeks. He's healthy, he's happy, and even though he refused to smile or cooperate in any way for family pictures we knew he was tired, hadn't eaten all day and had spent the previous 24 hours in a strangers house - where he did AMAZINGLY well sleeping overnight and taking an afternoon nap in spite of the dogs barking and other strange noises (including me falling down the stairs).
Today we had a good day at home, a good afternoon nap, ate "relatively" well, bathed and it came time for bed. We followed our nighttime ritual as always but we had changed some things in his room this afternoon. BIG MISTAKE.
We hung a mosquito net - for his benefit - and hung a thing we got from Ikea for his stuffed animals. Apparently the world has come to an end. We have been trying unsuccessfully for two hours now to get him settled. I finally took both new items down and removed them completely from his room. His obsession with order can completely overwhelm him and obviously tonight it was all too much.

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