Thursday, June 19, 2008

21 months

Dear Max,

Today you are 21 months old. As you can see by this picture, we spare no expense to furnish you with every type of stimulating toy that money can buy. The truth is, we spare no expense furnishing you with every educational toy that money can buy and you STILL want mommies "toys"! I probably should have some up with something better to call them than "party favours" because that obviously piqued your interest - and it's probably one of my wiser decisions to keep a safe in our bedroom for my REAL toys. ( You don't want to know what that means I promise).

You are getting closer and closer to the dreaded terrible two's. I think you might be practicing some tantrum type things. I took you to playgroup this week and picked you up. You had played long and hard and I was told you had a great day. Apparently you had so much fun that when I put you in the truck to being you home you wanted no part of it. I am trying to convince myself that it had nothing to do with my driving, my company or my singing, but that you were just exhausted and needed to go to bed and that's why you screamed the whole way home and threw absolutely everything I tried to give you for entertainment onto the ground or out the window. At least this time you didn't get the door open (see I learn!)

Last week you were updated with your immunizations and we were worried that you would have a horrible reaction - like the last time - but you seemed to make it through ok. The kids in your playgroup are all really sick and we got a call to let us know in case you caught something. You have been a little under the weather, though certainly not as sick as any of the kids you play with and so we don't know if you are having immunization reactions, getting molars, caught a bug, or are just getting more irritable because it is that time of your life.

You are SO very convinced that you know EXACTLY what you want, when you want it, how you want it and who you would like to provide it that you keep us constantly guessing. For some reason this week you decided that from the instant I walked into the door until the instant you went to bed I was your closest and dearest friend. You mom could do nothing for you and you would run to me and bury your head in my lap. I of course loved every minute of it and even enjoyed rocking you BACK to sleep when you made demands when you woke after bedtime to repeat the reading, rocking, tickling regime one more time before you would let me out of the room without protest. The fact that you want to be held and want to look at a book and want to lay in my arms is like being given a special gift from you.

Anyway bud. It's late, you are actually sleeping now - even though this week has been one of very disrupted sleep patterns and I need to get to bed so I can watch some soccer on mute. (I do these things so as not to disturb you, but I can't wait until you will hang with me and watch the games and we can cheer together).

Tonight after you went to bed we put up the swing set in the yard. I can't WAIT to get home from work tomorrow and play with you.

I love you monster.


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Maisie said...

Max is at a great age. My youngest is 6, so I don't have any toddlers around and I miss it. Everything is so exciting to them at that age.