Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ten on tuesday: ten things that annoy me about work

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This week's topic is "ten things I hate about work".

For the most part I like work , then today I conducted sanitation inspections. We do these every three weeks throughout the year to make sure that minimum standards of cleanliness are maintained. Here are ten things I hate about sanitation inspections.

1. Walking into a filthy disgusting, SMELLY unit and knowing I just touched the doorknob and will have to do so again when I leave.
2. Toilets that are not flushed.
3. Dirty (by this I mean "DIRTY") underwear on the floor in plain sight.
4. People swearing at office staff because they failed inspection.
5. Did I mention walking into a filthy place and getting smegma on my hands?

People that come down after sanitation inspection to say that :

6) They didn't make any mess, all they do is sleep here, they don't even use anything in the house.
7) They don't drink in undesignated areas - even though there are alcohol bottles all over - they are not theirs, "I just picked them up for someone else".
8) They didn't smoke inside, they don't even smoke. What we smelled is something coming from outside into their unit ONLY from people walking by and blowing pot smoke into the open doorway.
9) Someone else brought the bottles/cigarettes/drugs/ over.
10) Someone BROKE into the unit and made a mess of it and left - only how they "BROKE" in is a complete mystery, because nothing is broken or stolen. It's those crazy "let's make a mess" break and enter people.


Teena in Toronto said...

Poor you!

I played too!

MiLeT said...

urgh! for number 3.

mine is here!
hope you can visit me. thanks