Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things blogs are good for....

We are filling out the application for my spouse to become a citizen of this great country. Part of the application process is a calculation of the days you have spent here as there is a minimum requirement of number of days you have to be here in order to qualify for citizenship.
On the online calculator provided by the federal government there is a place in which to enter the days in which you travelled OUT out of the country so they can be removed from the total count.
I called my spouse because we knew she left last year to visit her family and we weren't sure of the dates to enter.

This is how the conversation went:

Me: "Hey do you know when you went to visit your family last year?"
Shel :"It was after I got my phone, let me see if I can find something here on my calendar."
Me: "I think it was in March."
Shel: "Really? Was it that long ago?"
Me: "Well it was in winter I know that for sure. Let me check my blog."
Shel: "Yeah , it was in Winter. Check your blog it will be on there."
Me: "You got your phone in February - I have that on my blog - let me check in February."
Me: "Yup - Here it is in February, you got back on the 18th."

So I am sorry if what I write is boring to you, it has serious benefits in our lives! I entered the dates into the online calculator, including the dates of her trip and VOILA! Shel has been here long enough to apply for citizenship. WOWZA. I have a feeling she will want to get a haircut before she gets her photo taken. (That comment is based purely on what she had on her head when I got home yesterday and I KNOW if I post a picture here it will not be citizenship we are filing for!)


Teena in Toronto said...

Yay! Get on it!

soleil said...

my blog helped me fill out the crazy intensive application for the background check at my current job. who knew blogs would come in handy for mundane details of our daily lives. ;)