Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day One of Moms Trip OVAH

So day ONE is done.
Last night of course we could not sleep at all. The wind was howling and the dogs were whining because they needed to go out but as soon as we opened the door and they felt the cold blast they turned right around. OH HELL NO they were not going out in that! So back up the stairs we went where they whined some more. Then Hugo was in bed with Max and so that woke him up so they could play (at 3 am)... and that's pretty much how the night progressed for us.
This morning I got up and started to get the boys ready to drop off at the babysitter. I had to drop the boys, then drive Shel to the airport then come back to town and get to work. When I started the vehicle I could not believe the drifts that had blown in behind us. There was no WAY we were driving through those drifts, so back inside for me to get dressed for shovelling. I shovelled us out - the drifts were up to my thighs and I SHOULD have taken a photo but I was in work fast mode (which doesn't happen often). I shovelled for 40 minutes and got us out and got the boys to the babysitter just a few minutes late then made it BACK to the house to pack Shel and head out.
Of course, true to my spouse, (who is a homebody if I have ever seen one) , as soon as it is time for a trip she finds all KINDS of extraneous things to do - like look through photo albums... but I even managed to get her out the door on time!
We whipped to the airport as fast as one can whip in blustering winds and blowing snow and frigid temperatures and got her there on time only to discover that the flight was delayed. I guess they had some drifts to deal with also. I stopped at Timmies, turned right around and headed back to town to work.
Check in t work is now finished for the night. Shel's flight left, arrived in Edmonton, the shuttle arrived, and the check in to the hotel worked out.
Tomorrow is an early one for Shel  - she departs to Seattle on leg one of the journey before 6 am. YIKES!
I am HOPING that at 6 am I will still be in bed, but knowing my sons it is not meant to be.
UNFORTUNATELY for this week ahead the temperatures are dropping off horribly and by Tuesday we expect temps below -30, so we will not be going outdoors for anything.
Monday there is no school so it's a hang out day for us which will be ok.
Only 9 more days until Shel gets back. I'm on my way to get the boys and head home.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I got tired just reading about it!