Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a rapid descent into thesis hell

I say "rapid descent" like some people are described as being "overnight" successes in the music industry when they have worked for many years before their "overnight" success.
I have been procrastinating my thesis like only I can do, so my rapid descent to thesis hell has been coming for a LONG time.
I called my thesis advisor today and basically the very brief conversation went something like this....
"You don't have time now to get it all in and graduate in June."
TARNATION! That is ridiculously (and not unexpectedly) frustrating.
Now I have to....  HAVE TO.... start working on it anyway, because my inclination is to say: "Well, I'm not graduating in June so there's no hurry" and go back to farmville.


Unknown said...

This will help you. Procrastinate. More.

The Bumbles said...

Bite the bullet and get going. That is the hardest part - starting again.

I like your blog's background by the way...