Friday, February 25, 2011

The end of a long day and the beginning of a long week

WOW. That was a LONG day.
A huge checkout at work and preparation for an intake on Sunday, at the same time as we had installation of  new carpet in two of the common areas meant I had some juggling to do. When each student checks out I have to assess the room before the cleaners can move in and get the rooms ready.
Shel found her passport (WHEW!)
I loaded some books on the sony e-reader for her to take with her on her trip.
She leaves on Sunday so I have to take her to the airport, schedule someone to look after the boys and get back to work for the check in on Sunday afternoon. (These weekends we call "back to backs" and we have students leaving Friday and new groups arriving Sunday).
All the rooms are assessed and currently being cleaned. I have changed my voice mail and set an out of office reply on my email. I still have to book Shel a room in Edmonton for Sunday and in Wisconsin for next week, and call the airline to confirm her flight.
I have a list of things I still need to do at work next week so even though I have scheduled days off I have to come in and get some of these things crossed off the list. Next week we get the new carpet installed in the office. YAY!
I'm thinking I can leave in  a minute or so but I have to make a list so the cleaners know what has to be finished tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm not even stopping at the grocery store on the way home tonight. I am BEAT. Shel picked up diapers this week so there is absolutely NOTHING we need that can't wait until tomorrow morning!

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