Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy VD as my spouse said (that's Valentines Day and NOT Venereal Disease!)
This morning we gave the boys a box of chocolate and a small teddy bear each. CJ stood on the chair in the kitchen and said 'HO HO HO' He has grasped the concept of Santa but we still have some teaching to do about other holidays.
We addressed the valentines for Maxies classmates and he took them in his little mailbox in the truck. As we drove we he was listing who he had chocolate for - "This one's for Marli, This one's for Marli, This one's for Marli...." I asked him if he had anything for anyone else. Reluctantly he said "This one's for Logan..... but this one's for Marli!"
Apparently Marli has made an impression on my young son.