Tuesday, February 22, 2011

almost a year to the day

Almost one year ago to the day my spouse left me alone with the boys so that she could take a trip to Wisconsin to visit her ailing father.
I have joked about his ailing health since I have been with her, because for as long as I have known him he has been in the process of dying. Last month I spoke with her sister and commented to her that as long as I have known Shel, Pappy has been dying, to which she responded "As long as I have known him, Pappy has been dying". He's been dying apparently for 40 something years. This is humorous when he isn't ACTUALLY in the process of dying, so it isn't funny right now.
I just spent the day on the phone booking a flight for Shel to go back to the USA. Pappy has declined dialysis and his kidneys are failing. It is not a happy time for anyone in the family right now and I am just glad Shel is able to go and see him.
The boys and I are going to be alone together again for another seven nights. I think Shel is almost convinced I can handle it. I'm pretty sure she thinks that all we do is drink beer and eat "Bits and Bites" in our underwear. To which I respond - WHO CARES AS LONG AS WE'RE ALL HAPPY AND ALIVE WHEN YOU GET BACK!
I am sad she is going, I wish the conditions were better and I wish we were all going along. In the meantime, I will keep the home fires burning for her return.