Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Destruction - 2 year old style

It has been pretty cold in our neck of the woods. Yesterday driving to work it was -35 and -40 degrees depending on where I was. This means it is WAY to cold for the boys to go outside to play, but they get tired of being cooped up all day in the house - and can you blame them?

Last night we finished with supper and got ready to head upstairs to our bedroom where we watch a show all together and then put the boys to bed. The boys went up a minute or two before we did as we performed last minute downstairs duties - drinks, pet food, shutting off lights etc. I went up behind the boys and I honestly thought I was pretty quick. When I walked into the bedroom this is what greeted me:

Notice that the boys have disappeared. Our bedside lockers are apparently very inviting.

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