Friday, December 3, 2010

Waiting for paperwork

We know the adoptions are final because we got the call from our adoption worker on November 19th. We are now (still) waiting for the official paperwork to come in the mail so we can get working on ordering new birth certificates (which I kind of don't like the idea of - but it's what happens so we will do it) and getting the boys passports so we can TRAVEL.
We have been telling the boys that we will go on a vacation once the adoptions are final because up until now we have not been able to leave the country with them to visit cousins and grandparents in the USA. Max has decided he wants to go NOW and he asks us every day if he can go on a plane and stay in a hotel. Poor kid doesn't get the concept that we still have to WAIT.
Shel thinks we should just go and stay with them in a hotel which is not a bad idea, but I have a hard time doing ANYTHING in the winter months. (This is bad considering we live in Canada!)
I can't wait for the paperwork to arrive so we can get started on preparing for a "real" vacation in the summer of 2011. The reality of the adoption completion is sinking in SLOWLY.

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